Flint Coffee Company

Flint Coffee Company was formed in 2013 by wife and husband Teresa Villacorta and John Cherry to bring the coffee from the small farmstead of Teresa’s parents in the Amazonas region of Peru to Michigan to sell locally in Flint. Originally the coffee was toll roasted, but in the spring of 2016 Teresa and John opened their own roasting facility in Flint, Michigan. Flint Coffee Company roasts and sells coffee grown on the family’s farm as well as other sustainably produced quality coffees from around the world.

The Farm

Coffee grown on the family’s farm is grown under a variety of shade trees between 1200 and 1400 meters above sea level. No pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides are used on the farm which helps us to preserve a local functioning ecosystem. It is common to see a wide array of wildlife, insects, and flora when walking around the farm. We have not sought organic certification, as the small size of the farm, less than ten acres, makes the economics of certification difficult. Currently we harvest from three varietals of coffee: Typica, Caturra, and Catimor. We have also planted the Gesha varietal on the farm but it has not reached production stage yet.

Familia Villacorta

Humberto Villacorta and his wife Juliana have farmed coffee for over 45 years. They have worked hard over the years, planting the first coffee trees on their land and working through obstacles including coffee diseases and price crashes. But, through the years, coffee and hard work have allowed the children of the Villacorta family to pursue education and greater prosperity. Working together, the entire Villacorta family is now pleased, to be able to provide their coffee direct to the families that will enjoy it each morning.

Teresa and John

Teresa Villacorta and her husband John Cherry live in Flint, Michigan. They created the Flint Coffee Company to bring the family’s coffee direct to you, our customers. This allows us to ensure that our family’s farm receives a livable price for their coffee and provides a quality product to our customers. Additionally, we are able to control and continuously improve the quality of the product we deliver to our customers, since our family is involved in the entire process from farm to cup. We look forward to bringing you your morning cup of coffee and being a positive influence on our communities in Flint and Los Patos, Peru for years to come.

Los Patos

The village of Los Patos, Peru is located in the central part of the northern Amazonas region of Peru. There are about three hundred people who live in the village, most of whom farm coffee in the surrounding land as their main product. However, significant amounts of fruits, vegetables, yuca root, and grains are grown for local consumption. The altitude is ideal for coffee, with the farms located from 1100 meters to more than 2500 meters.

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